This 31 page booklet contains 5 essays, each including a trick that uses the effects as examples to illustrate the various concepts. One Two Twos Sandwich, Hold the Selection Please – A sandwich effect with a twist, and a beautiful flourish that teaches why a show of skill is not always a hint to method!Neoteric Signed Card – Brother Hamman’s card effect with two selections and an absolute miracle ending that shows how isolation can be efficient!The Fifth Card Illusion II – A visual revelation to an old-fashioned card trick which gives an example to visual tag-lines in theatrical form.Noraa’s Paradoxes Part One – Contradiction and irony that can not be explained presents the use of instinctual (mis)direction.Too Much a Miracle – The selected card is seen many times, yet so are other cards that aren’t really there in this essay that illustrates comfort zones!