Features:* Introduction* Types of Rope* Preventing the Ends from Fraying* Basic Knots* The Overhand Knot* The Slide-Off Knot* Construction of the Fake Knot* Basic Square Knot* Square Knot at Middle* Granny Knot* Quick Slip Knot* Slow-Motion Slip Knot* Tips on The Slow-Motion Slip Knot* The Fake Knot* Dissolving Knots* The Tony Lopilato Knot* The Pull-Away Knot* Chefalo’s Vanishing Knot* Chefalo’s Knot to Loop* Hunter Bow Knot* Combination Knot* Bang-O-Knot* Dissolving Double Knot* Grandmother’s Necklace* Basic Grandmother’s Necklace* Explanation of Grandmother’s Necklace* The Cords of Phantasia* Ropes & Cups* Improved Grandmother’s Necklace* The Great Coat Escape* Walking Through Ropes* With Wrists Tied* The Knot of Enchantment* Borrowed Ring Knotted onto Rope* Bracelet on Rope* New Bracelet on Rope* Do As I Do* The Nautical Puzzle* Spectacles to Monocles* The Gambler’s Knot* Betcha Knot* The Hunter Knot* Neale’s Knot* Flourish Knots* One Handed Knot* One-Handed Necktie Knot* One-Handed Figure Eight Knot* Nifty Knots* Vanishing Knot Flourish 1* Vanishing Knot Flourish 2* The Flip Knot* MGM Flip Knot I* MGM Flip Knot II* MGM Flip Knot III* The Fake Unknot* The William Tell Knot* Cut & Restored Rope* Floyd Thayer’s Wizzo* Rope Saver