BERNARD BILIS, FRANCE’S KING OF CARDS, TEACHES HIS FAVOURITE SLEIGHTS, TECHNIQUES AND ROUTINES. 27 routines, including a full professional show, underground techniques and essential sleights. Top level magic from one of the World’s leading sleight of hand artists. “Bernard is one of the best card men on the planet! A true highly skilled master and legend. You will love these DVDs!” – BILL MALONE “Bernard Bilis is one of the most creative, skillful, and entertaining card magicians in the world. I’m interested in anything he’s willing to share.” – DARWIN ORTIZ “A true master with the playing cards.” – DAI VERNON 27 ROUTINES UNDERGROUND MOVES ESSENTIAL SLEIGHTS 4 DVDs BOXED SET OVER 8 HOURS OF PROFESSIONAL MATERIAL 3 LANGUAGES: ENGLISH, FRANÇAIS and ESPAÑOL DISC 1 LIVE SHOW PART 1 FULL SHOW FEATURING FOUR JOKERS GO TO SEE IF I’M THERE INVISIBLE CENTER DEAL DISC 2 LIVE SHOW PART 2 SPECTATOR CUTS THE ACES GANGSTER ACES BILLY THE KID SPONGE BALL ROUTINE DISC 3 FUNDAMENTALS INCLUDING: PALMING PASS MASTER CLASS VERNON TRANSFER BILIS SWITCH DISC 4 FAVOURITES OPEN PREDICTION VOODOO ACETIMATION ROPE ROUTINE & MORE