Trick photography? Hardly. But once you witness The Exchange in action, you’ll swear that either a supernatural force has possessed a deck of cards or you’ve witnessed a bona-fide blip in the fabric of reality.The Exchange allows magicians to perform miracles – effortlessly. Imagine outjogging a card from the pack and visibly changing the color of its back or face – without sleight of hand.But wait, there’s more! The Exchange allows you to:Morph four freely selected cards into the four acesPrint your personal information on a blank business cardSwitch gaffed cards for the real thingClean-up formerly dirty packet tricks – right under their nosesHeal a torn or hole-punched card And much more – all without difficult sleight of hand.Perhaps best of all, The Exchange can be set-up in any deck of cards without suspicion. The gaff is cleverly disguised in such a way as to be absolutely undetectable, even to spectators who scrutinize your every move! This is a devilishly clever card utility you’ll put to work immediately. Trade in your tired, old tricks for The Exchange.Supplied complete, including 60 Minute instructional DVD featuring Tomás Medina, and custom-made Exchange deck (Bicycle Rider Back cards in blue or red).