Here’s an amazing deck of cards, featuring cats from all over the world. With special features for magicians! Each set of courts represents cats from a different region. We also added in some gaffs and reveals for magic tricks. That, combined with a full bleed back design, makes this a well-rounded deck suitable for collecting, playing games, and performing magic tricks. Only 1,000 of these decks have been printed with a custom numbered seal. Designed in Europe and printed in the USA by USPCC. Hearts from Europe: Jack = Scottish Cat Queen = Russian Blue King = Tuxedo Cat Ace = Lynx Spades from America: Jack = Bengal Cat Queen = Rag-doll Cat King = Calico Cat Ace = Cougar Diamonds from Asia: Jack = Black Cat Queen = Persian Cat King = Himalaya Cat Ace = Tiger Clubs from Africa: Jack = Chausie Queen = Abyssinian Cat King = Egyptian Mau Ace = Cheetah Jokers Have Hair Anomalies: Lion is the only cat with a mane Sphinx is a hairless cat breed Deck Features: 52 standard playing cards + 2 Jokers 2 gaff cards Printed by USPCC Classic stock Embossed finish Full bleed back design 100% custom art Limited edition Custom individually numbered seal Tuck case and Joker reveal 2017 release Gaff Cards: Ace of Diamonds variation for transformation Ace of Diamonds blank for disappearance