ABC stands for American, British, Chinese: The only 3 coins you will need to perform great coin magic! All the magic happens in the spectator’s hand 4 solid “worker” routines Supplied with American half dollar, British old English penny, and a Chinese coin Routines: Easy as 1,2,3 Coin to impossible location. The 3 coins are placed in the spectator’s hand. The spectator chooses a coin (via an amazing new force by Wayne). Instantly the coin is vanished by the magician to appear in an impossible location. Unique Prediction This is a routine based on Wayne’s popular effect, Triplex, but with coins. Explanation includes both a parlour and strolling version. Mental Thief A routine by Mike Sullivan. Enables the magician to perform a stunningly visual pickpocket routine without any prior pickpocket skills. Bonus Routine: Snatch A fast and very visual routine by Wayne and Mike in which the magician demonstrates lightning reflexes. All the routines are virtually self-working Precision-engineered gimmick does all the work Suitable for all levels Online tutorials that will be updated – additions will be provided as more ideas are developed!