A simple yet flexible tool for your magic needs. The MUM Wallet comes in 2 color options – black or brown. There are 6 pockets inside – 3 on each side, cut in progressive lengths. They come in a comfortable size, slightly bigger than poker size. These are not your regular wallets but, rather, slim and basic single-fold cases. MUM Wallet stands for Multi Utility Magic Wallet. You can use these wallets in a variety of ways. Comfortably carry 3 to 4 packet tricks in these. Or use them as a pocket index. Or use them as a basic switching device for cards, bills, billets etc. Or convert one into a magnetic case (you will need to buy a separate magnet for this). A 15-page PDF is included, which provides several ideas for using the MUM Wallet. Get yours today – they are very handy and very useful!