THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE TOOL THAT YOU’LL ALWAYS CARRY WITH YOU. With this little innocent-looking book, which fits perfectly in your pocket, you’ll be able to perform a complete mental act. You will divine instantly the sign, day, and month of birth of any spectator. You’ll also be able to divine the spectator’s aura, their personality trait, and the spectator’s lucky card. You will know everything immediately, without touching or coming near the book and without any fishing or questions. THE SPECTATOR NEVER WRITES ANYTHING. You’ll also be able to divine a freely chosen word from the book. This book allows you to do a complete routine with divinations, predictions, coincidences, ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number), calendar card, etc. The spectator never writes anything You never touch the book It fits perfectly in your pocket Always ready You can repeat it instantly You never ask any questions It uses an incredible new method Totally self-contained No anagrams A complete mental routine IT INCLUDES A SPECIALLY DESIGNED POCKETBOOK, WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS, AND A VIDEO DOWNLOAD. Please Note: This is the Spanish version of The Zodiac. The pocketbook, written instructions and video download are all in Spanish.