Vivify contains ten original stage illusions fully described and illustrated in glorious full colour. Also included are two thought provoking essays. Foreword by Brett Daniels. VIVIFY – Etymology: Middle English: to nourish, to give life. Latin: vivificus – enlivening. 1. To endow with life or renewed life: Animate 2. To impart vitality or vividness. Stage Illusions Featured: Bodybuilder – A rustic, open framework houses assistant, which is penetrated with shiny metal. Hiding Place – The instant appearance of an assisant. Can be performed surrounded w/considerations. 95% Gone! – Volunteer is placed in a horizontal prop, where her body seems to disappear.EMB – A new take on a classic – sword box. Asrah Table – An exceptionally thin re-design that will amaze. Abdomen – A gothic looking illusion, where a girl rises up from the horizontal torso of the magician. Dissolve – An upright cabinet, where the assistant slowly gets compacted and then vanishes completely. Vivisectioned – A circular illusion where the assistant is impalled with blades, and then rotated. Sanction – A slender, upright cabinet that features sharp angled blades that rotate/penetrate the cabinet. Motorbike – An open metal framework is shown empty and then in a flash produces magi/assistant and motorcycle too! Limited to 500 copies individually signed & numbered. Pages: 142 – 9 3/4″ x 9 3/4″ – Hardbound cover with foil stamping & embossing.