Quickfire by David Forrest – Book

//Quickfire by David Forrest – Book

Quickfire by David Forrest – Book


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‘Quickfire’ – Five ‘Hit and Run’ effects for the close up performer!Four quick, visual and impromptu card effects with an ordinary deck plus a ‘SIGNED BILL TO MARKER CAP’ effect that is as easy as it is practical. These are effects that YOU WILL USE!Sandwich for Four – The red Aces vanish and trap a selected card in the middle off the deck. Immediately, they vanish again trapping the three mates of the selection. One Wild Animal – Three Jokers visually change into three selections one after the other. Pip Trip – A pip is removed from one card and dropped onto another in order to change it into the selection. Quick Split – One card is visually split into two previously selected cards. (Includes a variation you will LOVE to perform!) Bil-ink – An ‘almost impromptu’ signed bill to marker cap. Easy to do and extremely practical.

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