TATTOO! (Book Test) by Steve Spill – Trick

//TATTOO! (Book Test) by Steve Spill – Trick

TATTOO! (Book Test) by Steve Spill – Trick


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In stock

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ATTENTION MAGICIANS & PSYCHIC ENTERTAINERS. A better bit is waiting — TATTOO! An original, new contemporary plot – 5-plus minutes of surprising, astonishing wonder direct from the Steve Spill Show to your show. TATTOO! A most amazing, funny routine. Way cooler than any other book test ever created. The time is now. TATTOO! Watch the video. This hardcover dust jacket book is personally illustrated, written, and gimmicked by Steve Spill and produced on a small scale. NO FORCE! SPECTATOR HAS A COMPLETELY FREE CHOICE OF ANY TATTOO IN THE BOOK. Complete with routine, script, downloadable tutorial, worldwide performance rights – including postage and handling – CHECK IT OUT!

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