Ever since the iconic Zippo lighter was introduced back in 1933, its users have applied cool routines to open and close it. From GI’s killing time during WWII to Hollywood actors adding some flavor to their characters, Zippo lighter tricks have always been a sure way to boost your personality by adding some class and style. However, it wasn’t until 1996 that the art of performing these tricks started to evolve beyond the basic moves previously seen. This DVD presents a selection of 50 popular tricks including everything from one hand wonders and spins, to aerials and duo tricks (performed by two tricksters). TRICKSAlex Aarvik (Norway) teaches you 50 selected tricks including the legendary Goofy Style series. Each trick is filmed from 2 different angles plus a walkthrough and slow motion.BASIC TECHNIQUESIn addition to the tricks, we have also included 24 basic movements and techniques that will serve as a good entry point for the rookies.MAINTENANCELearn basic maintenance that will keep your lighter in tip top tricking condition. AVAILABLE TRICKSSpinning Wheel The Gun Twilight Zone Inside Out Fire Spin Advanced Back And Forth Advanced Backdraft 2 Bond Style Ice Cool Confluent Bondsmen Double Smack English Rose Wet Panties Press It! Flip It! Goofy Style 1 Goofy Style 2 Goofy Style 3 Goofy Style 4 Goofy Style 5 Goofy Style 6 Goofy Style 7 Goofy Style 8 Hit & Run Hit & Run Advanced Hit n’ Spin Legally Blind Merry-og-round New Balance One Move Almost Open Always Oppressor Pig Over-The-Hill Sticky Fingers Goofy’s Back Power Squeeze Push It! Resurrection Ring Ignitor Slam Boomerang Slugger Twisted Spin Snap Goofy & Pain Tilter Transport UFO Universal Spin Wet Pastries Zippo TangoDisc Length: Approximately 60min