Introducing THE best way to build a card magic foundation. Twenty years ago, Roberto Giobbi, card magic’s most distinguished author, wrote Card College, a series of books now considered THE Bibles on card magic. This DVD teaches a full collection of false shuffles and cuts, all curated by Roberto himself. Running time: 2 hour 15 minutes approximately Contents FALSE CUTS False Swing Cuts Jennings Cut Flip Flap Cut Actus lnteruptus False Cut, Triple Undercut Educational Cut Jay Ose Triple False Cut Filipino Freddie Hop Combination Cut FALSE OVERHAND SHUFFLES Stock Controls Over-and-Under False Shuffle Hunter-Vernon False Shuffle Frank Lane False Shuffle Dolahuso Shuffle Optical Shuffle Greek Shuffle FALSE RIFFLE SHUFFLES Stock Shuffles In-the-Hands False Shuffle Zarrow Shuffle Push Through Shuffle THE FARO SHUFFLE THE HINDU SHUFFLE THE CHARLIER SHUFFLE DRIBBLE FORCES Classic Dribble Force Vernon Scallop Short Force Vernon Transfer Move Force Bossi’s Milking the Force