Features:* Multiple Knots* Double Knot* Double Ring Ceremony* Triple Knot* Three Knots in a Rope* Rings & Ropes* Types of Rings (Small)* Finger Ring Off Rope* Hindu Ring on Rope* Lefty* Zella Ring on Rope* Zella Ring on Rope (alternative ending)* Miscellaneous Rope Magic* The Stretching Rope* The Bachelor’s Needle* Here, Spot!* Rope Gimmicks* Two at a Time* Hindu Knots* Name a Number* Sympathetic Ropes* Pavel’s Rope Circles* Linking Ropes* Ropes & Body Parts* Ropes Through Body* Kellar Rope Tie* Gysel Spirit Tie* Cut & Restored Rope* Perplexo Cut & Restored Rope* Cut & Restored Rope (Slydini)* Classic Cut & Restored Rope* Magician’s Cut & Restored Rope* Cut & Restored Rope (circa 1584)* The Slidng Knot* Instant Restoration* A Novel Knot Steal & The Pop-Off Knot* Comedy Trimming* The Hitch* The Hitch Knot* Wholesale Ring Removal* Visible Melt-Off* Jay-Bee’s Undisturbed Knot* Penetrations* Pull Through* Rope Through Spectator’s Finger* Rope Through Magician’s Finger* The Square Detector* The Thumb Penetration* Rope From Hand Release* Superhuman Stunts* Master Muscle* Sawa’s Supernatural Rope