Volume Two Contents: BACHELOR’S THREAD – Raj Madhok’s marvelous method of magically producing the ring for a Ring & String routine. It just appears out of NOWHERE! THREADY OR NOT – My “improved” handling for the first phase of any Ring & String routine. Originally based on the Earl Nelson move (in “Variations”), this one addresses two major discrepancies in the original. READY 2 LINK – A technique that makes the get ready for the Linking Rubberbands TOTALLY INVISIBLE. Based on Roger Klause’s brilliant concept of “half-moves”. SHUFFLING STYLES FROM AROUND THE WORLD – A modular card routine where a card is located after a series of shuffling demonstrations. Includes the marvelous “Sybil” flourish cut (thanks to Chris Kenner) which is taught with a 5-card packet for easier learning. IS IT HOT IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME? – How to produce a seemingly-lit cigarette from anywhere on your person AT ANY TIME in your act. DEVASTATION – This might just be the BEST impromptu card trick ON THE PLANET! Tom Daugherty’s totally impossible card location that’ll devastate your audience (hence the name). Note: there’s NOT ONE SLEIGHT in the entire trick! Works with a borrowed deck. Worth the price of this DVD MANY TIMES over. BEAR HANDS – A great packet trick for kids (or adults) where a bear jumps from a card onto a spectator’s hand. HAIRBALLS – A multi-phase, 2-ball sponge ball routine loaded with magic and designed to keep the spectator from opening their hand early (and spoiling the surprise finish). THE HAT TRICK – The close-up version of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, suitable even for restaurant workers. EVERYTHING’S A RADIO – A real reputation maker! Make a radio station broadcast come out of anything: a ketchup bottle, a crayon, a drawing… ANYTHING! IF THINE EYE OFFENDS THEE – Your eyeball falls out. You wash it off in your mouth. You glue it back in. What could be more natural? Volume Two Bonus Effect: FURIOUS, JR. – A “penny to jumbo coin” routine inspired by the Gary Kurtz original.  Running Time: Approximately 1hr 58min