The ABSOLUTE BEST ROPE TRICK OF ALL TIME… WITH THE CRAZY BEST SECRET EVER DISCOVERED! Just about every famous magician in the world has performed a version of Professor’s Nightmare. Three normal-looking lengths of cotton braided rope are COMPLETELY EXAMINED by your audience. The ropes are SOLID and DO NOT STRETCH! One is quite long, another is medium-sized, and the third rope is short in length. But then… You hold the three different-sized ropes in your own hands and slowly… visibly STRETCH all three ropes to the exact SAME SIZE! Then in a flash… the ropes all RETURN BACK to their original different lengths! You then immediately give the three original-sized ropes back to your audience to EXAMINE AGAIN! Once you learn the amazing easy secret, you’ll fool yourself in the mirror (or on video) as you watch yourself do real magic… over and over! VERY EASY TO DO NOTHING TO ADD OR GET RID OF ALL YOU NEED ARE THE THREE COMPLETELY EXAMINABLE ROPES (supplied) AND THE CRAZY BEST SECRET EVER!